Turning a basic nature into one with strong leadership- is it a game for all?

Instead of waiting for a leader you can believe in, try this: Become a leader you can believe in.


Highlighting a sad part about a section of our generation, in many instances, people wait for things, whatever it be, often people just wait for it and put no effort and rely solely on ‘destiny’. Do they not know, destiny only works with effort. God only helps those who help themselves.

Right now, avoiding getting into more details of the paragraph above would be favorable and hence diverting back to our main topic- leadership.

A connection can be drawn out from the quote and the paragraph- suppose a group is formed and assigned a group project or assignment. In not all, yet most instances, not a single person confidently takes up leadership and the ball repeatedly passes around in multiple courts on who will lead the planning.

However, this isn’t an instance with no reason. Definitely, it does have a reason. Students don’t have much self-esteem, they tend not to trust themselves to take up leadership or are just too lazy to do so.

Jumping into the topic of comfort zone (yes, just the topic, do not ever jump in the comfort zone- ever), laziness and fear when it comes to doing something are highly unfavoured acts. One must be brave, courageous and confident to try out something new. Yes, success at first try is not guaranteed, but perseverance and retries by learning from mistakes is what makes a person grow!

You are a king, and the comfort zone is an empire, Just like how a king keeps expanding his empire, you must keep expanding your comfort zone. How? By simply getting out of it everytime you’re in it to try something new, when you get used to it, that becomes your new comfort zone, so you step out again and the process just keeps repeating and your empire keeps expanding. Ultimately, you must never stop conquering. Never.

Real Life Comparison with the Author’s background:

Now, leading this back to the history of my life, how have I stepped up from an unknown commoner to where I am today?

Back in the days of my primary schooling, I was much of an introvert (and still possess the qualities of one even today; more like an Ambivert actually). Yet inside me, a spark of curiosity always instigated its way over various topics and a will to dominate was always kindled.

The will to do new things and gain recognition was always there within, not for any reason more than self-satisfaction and to do something worthwhile with these few years of living that I have been gifted.

By the Grace of God, I have been granted many opportunities that nurture leadership skills and provide a workbench to enhance it, but leaving the credits aside and looking at what is really important about it, is how things are handled, viewed and how ones knowledge and skills are evolved.

Taking into consideration my experiences throughout this academic year, where I had been chosen as the organizer of an event namely ‘thoughts aloud‘ in my school, which basically provides a speaking platform to students who are willing to speak on any topic fo their choice in the break time of school hours. The sessions are interactive, interesting and topics are often innovative.

If there’s something I learned from organizing these events, is punctuality, collaboration and many other feelings of which some can’t be expressed precisely and concisely in this blog. At one point of time, these events were to be organized on a daily basis, Hence I had to be ready with a list of speakers and their details for 5 days a week along with pictures and report writing, all alone. I do not complain, I simply thank God, my supervisor and the teacher in charge for entrusting me with this as this has taught me a lot of things.

Another notable thing about the events is that the success is not dependent solely on me or the speakers, but on the whole gathering- me, the speakers and the audience, without the audience’s enticing and thought-provoking questions, thoughts aloud would get nowhere!

Furthermore, Throughout the selection of speakers, I had to make sure that good orators do not always dominate the floor but rather the speaker’s list have a mix of participants, popular as well as those who have not received limelight. In this way, students with hidden potential are brought out and their inner leadership is kindled- giving rise to another leader in the world, who may bring about various changes in the future!

Also, Discussing the plans with teachers and students on the improvement of said event has been wonderful and induced many ideas within myself and even new ways to think and expanded the boundaries of thought and creativity. True that the work keeps increasing and life gets busier, but that’s how one can generate the best results by productively using their time.

All things aside, what does the title of this post have to do with anything?

…is it a game for all?

A common misconception among many is that they think they are unfit to change and can’t take up the challenges of the world. They think their common personality can never develop into a strong one with bold leadership qualities. A common flaw in today’s generation is their unwillingness to change.

But mind you, this is incorrect, and the game of leadership is for everyone to play! Anyone and everyone can take up the challenge and move forward. If they are determined, nothing can stop them, at this point, their only enemy is their own will. If their will is weak, they shall fail.

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

Instead of waiting for a good leader who you can rely on, a favorable thing to do is to simply become that leader others are waiting for, inculcate those qualities within yourself and be the leader that others would love to work with!

Be a leader, not a follower.




  1. Excellent post, Amaan! Masha Allah. Your writing sure does have a way to capture the reader’s attention. And some of the points that you raised with relevance to the students these days are so true!


  2. I am tenth grade student and I run Operation Smile school club at my school. You have earlier mentioned in your first post how you successfully managed to run “Thoughts Aloud”. Any suggestions for charity events, fundraisers and campaigns?


    • Request school authority to provide rights to adress multiple assemblies across various grades and maybe elect represantatives from each grade or class for collection. Always set a target and keep donation targets transparent.


  3. Your writing never fails to leave me amazed. You always have a way of using words that catch readers’ attention. P.S.: it can be clearly seen how hard you worked on the blog, it looks super professional! Keep working this hard, and I’m sure you’ll be awarded correctly 🙂 💯

    Liked by 1 person

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