Don’t wait for the happy vibes. Make them.

Happiness. What is happiness? A state of well-being and contentment.

Everyone wants happiness, but many don’t understand how. Many fail to find and absorb the ‘vibes of happiness’ which everyone looks for.

These vibes are actually all around us, and if not, we don’t need to necessarily need to find them. We can just make them!


If you can master the art of making the happiness of others (even people you don’t know!) yours, then you’ve won life!

I came up with this concept just today, although I believed in it for a long period of time- My belief in getting happy over the joy of others just got strengthened further today, and for me at a time where work, studies, and responsibilities burden me, finding happiness in the joy of others is the most viable and easy option!

I was just roaming around a grocery store- not really knowing what to do because well which teenager likes tagging along in groceries?

So I decided to just look around and observe [people and mainly kids]- I noticed people smiling, kids doing their goofy mischief and laughing notoriously. That’s where I absorbed their vibes of happiness, and that’s where I made my own. I smiled too. 

I imagined their lives in a positive way, how they might have things to worry about but here they are- smiling and enjoying. All these smiling adults who have their own responsibilities, worries, and problems- are here smiling and staying strong. If they can- why can’t I?

I imagined the whole world being like this, happy and joyous. That’s when I smiled again.

And you know that moment when your eye contact suddenly matches that of another person and then you don’t know what you do cause you feel it’s awkward. Break the ice! Smile! It might make their day, any such kind action towards a stranger really might just make their day! I’ve had people smile at me randomly (who I don’t even know) and yes that does make my day! It doesn’t matter what I may be going through, that one smile, just makes me forget it all. That’s happiness.

Don’t wait for something good to happen to you. Share in the happiness of others and catch every good vibe you can!







  1. Yessđź‘Ť….getting happy over the joy of other is the best way to get happiness…I often show a negative attitude whenever I am worried. …or stressed due to studies or anything else….and never stay happy…so u r doing a good job amaan…I think Ur inspiring lines will make me a positive person one day…!! Greatđź‘Ť

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  2. Yesss, we need a world where people strive to make people happy, to bring a smile on everyone’s face, not hurt or bully someone. Taking the time to find something cruel to say to someone just to hurt their sentiments, no, instead of that, why not make someone’s day, and yes as u said smile does make one really happy. And I’m sure this blog and ur future blogs will keep inspiring and catch people’s interest❤.

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  3. Having read this I believed it was very informative. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!


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