Second MUN with its second award!

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”

Greetings fellow readers,
I had attended my second Model United Nations conference last weekend, from the 1st to the 3rd February in Dubai Scholars Private School, Dubai.

All praise and thanks be to God, the second conference brought home the second Best Delegate award! 🙂

To sum up, this blog will focus on my experiences and feedback regarding the DSMUN and will put forth my strategy in this victory.

First of all, kudos to the Dubai Scholars organizing team for the wonderful organization, planning and topic selection in their first ever MUN.

It was surprising to see a huge number of repeated delegates coming to the DSMUN who I had first met in the Winchester MUN and honestly was great meeting them again.

I hope to meet them again in future MUNs and make these delegatory alliances last life long!

Moving on to the widely asked question, how do I manage to win best delegate in both my first MUNs with considerable competitors? 

1. My Will and Determination: 

I do not attend MUN conferences just because it gives +1 MUN exp but because It’s my passion to discuss world crises, political, economic, social etc. situations and bring about solutions.

and admittedly, I go for the MUNs with a will to win them and make the best out of my opportunity.

Thus, with this intention comes strong determination and with that comes the passion to actually put in the effort. There is research done on personal stance, the stance of major countries and a little extra about the topic besides what the organizers provide.

Moreover, since MUNs are three days long, day one is always handy to see what the other delegates propose for their stance and the next two days at home are spent researching against potential enemies.

And also, I do not see any statements that go against me during the debate as offensive, as the whole purpose of MUNs are to oppose and self-promote, and thus obviously, I myself do not hesitate in placing allegations on other countries as long as they are backed by references and statistics.

Most importantly, all these things are fun and entertainment! I do not take any of this as pressure or stress as that, I feel, completely breaks the purpose of MUNs then.

2. No compromise on the battlefield

You’re in the war zone, you see a pretty girl or an innocent-looking soft-spoken soldier wielding a gun, you decide to leave them alive and do nothing, the very next second- they shoot you and you’re dead.

It is important to realize, in MUNs you must have information against every country, even if they are an allied country or a friend- always have questions to raise against them, being straight-forward is not a crime.

The best way to play passive-aggressive while racking up points is to be your human personality outside the war zone and be friendly to all, but inside the battlefield- spare none and go forth to show the power of your delegation.

Phrasing questions inside the committee room will make a difference and so will your effective research, your question might sound rude but do not hesitate, the whole purpose of MUNs are to be straight-forward and put forth your superiority. You might get called rude for it, but that’s just a compliment because the rude countries always dominate.

Be sure of the flaws of the country that you represent and have responses ready at all times, even of those who are in your alliance so at times you can answer for them. I did this twice in the conference, one to defend my bloc’s resolution and the other to protect the stance of United States.

However, contradictory to the title, you must be open to changes and adapt a little to the surroundings, complete opposition is not a good stance as then you would simply lose support. The opposition I had towards my allies was in a passive-aggressive manner and was based on facts. But while drafting resolutions and coming to solutions, I did not oppose my allies even one bit.

Fun fact; Germany has an ongoing government crisis which can lead to huge political instability and breakdown of the government, It was a fear in me that someone may mention this and flip the tables but luckily no one did- but don’t get your hopes too high, I was prepared with responses to that eitherways 😉

These are two major points that I find important to iterate here, however, a few more points were mentioned in the earlier post in October after the Winchester MUN so feel free to check it out if you need more points!

Winchester MUN Blog Post (Click here to open in new tab)

How Can I join? 

Check with your school teachers whether or not your school attends MUNs, if yes, stay updated on selections and other things whichever seem fit.

Besides that, You can always stay self-aware about MUNs that happen around the country and attend them individually (as long as your school hasn’t signed up and excluded you) by signing up from their website.

However, you must know that these are United Nation simulations and hence are very formal and the language used as well is in third-person and that of United Nations. Your identity is not your name, nor your school, but a country that you represent (which will be notified to you post-registration) [eg. I represented Germany]

Author extends you support! 

In order to help many of you readers since the demand was high on what exactly MUNs are and how do they work, following are some links that might come in handy.

Winchester MUN Blog Post (Click here to open in new tab)

The following link contains;
i) Germany’s country profile so you can see the basics of what you need to know about your country (excluding topic information)

ii) Two files on rules and regulations of how the MUN actually works and goes on.

Documents Website (Click here to open in new tab)

Lastly, thank you to everyone’s support, love and motivation for helping me continue and stay happy with what I am doing! What really touched me was that even my enemies on the battleground were good friends outside the battleground. The world needs more people like these! Cheers!

Hope this helps, any and all further questions are welcomed! (Raise POIs! MUN reference)




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