Strolls of elation

In the quest of attaining happiness, peace, prosperity and delight- the paths are many and its boundaries are endless. The road does diverge in the middle, but at one point, somewhere, it does reconnect into one- the common goal.

two-paths-diverge(Google Provided)

How many of you souls out there, have tried more than one means of attaining peace and constantly tried various methods to discover more efficient ways?

With the increasing speeds of our mind, modern and industrial life- having a cool and calm mind has become an art of professionals and you now need a teacher to teach you how to keep calm.

But no, there are various ways you can keep calm and relax your self. One of them being, which is my main source of keeping calm, going out in the morning.

Praying the Fajr prayer (1/5 prayers Muslims pray daily) in the Masjid and having the contempt spiritual happiness and hearing the healing recitations of the Quranic verses and then cycling or walking around the area until sunrise and a little later really makes my day.

20170225_064423-01.jpeg(My Click)

Moreover, having a hobby of photography just adds even more fun and enticement into the whole scheme! The photos that can be taken at such a time are marvellous and there are absolutely no limits to what you can take. All you need is a good camera, not a DSLR, a good phone camera is enough! (I use a phone..)

It’s not the quality of images that is the main highlight of me mentioning this but the fact that the views are so picture-worthy and tranquil that it does really calm a person down! Living in a place in front of a corniche, The morning hours invite a lot of chirping birds, cool and calm breezes, other happy faces walking, jogging or doing their morning exercises and the best? The tall buildings reflect upon the water completely and provide such an amazing view!

Don’t you think such surroundings would definitely calm you down?

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetProcessed with VSCO with se3 preset20170306_062027-01[1].jpeg(My Clicks)

This is how I like to start my day, and once I get home, I’ll be doing something else for a while before I start studying (because I absolutely hate studying immediately after finishing one happy task) like writing this post right now!

What method do you guys use to attain peace and happiness? share your ways in the comments below and let the author and many others benefit from it!




  1. Hi Amaan,
    The content of the article was relatable, and I like the way you used adjectives to express yourself clearly and create an image in the readers’ minds.
    Not everyone has a morning routine, but I would recommend you’ll to make one; just take a minute to think about it. Try the app called “sleep as android”, it tracks your sleeping patterns, and wakes you up by setting of an alarm when you are in light sleep, leaving you fresh in the morning. However, try not to hit the snooze button and put your feet on the floor when you hear the alarm ringing, before its too late! Its recommended that you drink a glass of water after you wake up:it boosts your metabolism and leaves your throat and tummy feeling refreshed (Remember to keep a glass of water or a bottle ready the previous night;its annoying to do this in the sleepy morning hours!) After this, I say a small prayer to God, thanking him for the new day, and for keeping me in one piece in the night (only when I am I one piece 😜). Next, I open the curtains for the morning sunshine and make up my bed(research clearly shows making your bed in the morning actually makes you feel on the top of the world!)
    I do a little of stretching, then I go and brush my teeth. After this, I prepare my to-do list for the day (organizing time is essential!). Before the to do list, I prefer snacking on a banana and some nuts to fuel up for the workout I do after the to-do listing. Then I have a nice hot bath;after all, even your body needs a refreshment! Now, for any of you who’s got like 30min extra, you can go for a slow jog or cycling on the streets, just like Amaan does.
    That’s all, and for an extra: try the app”fabulous” if you need extra motivation(it was the app of the year).

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