Managing the difficulty of grade transition

(Note: There are links to other posts in this blog in the middle of this post in context to certain statements made, for optimum help and understanding I strongly recommend you to read the linked posts as well if applicable as they are the core explanations of the context in which they are linked)


Good day fellow readers, Hope you all had a wonderful or at least manageable first day of school. 

“Nah, My teacher’s already slamming me with homework and projects- we deserve a break” 

“All my teachers are chill, they didn’t start teaching at all except for one […]” 

“I don’t like a few students in my class, some of them are just so dramatic…” 

The outcomes could have/can be many, but how are you going to deal with them? Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be changed and yes it is at times unfair and ‘oppressive’ towards us students but we can’t do much to stop it but we can deal with it.

The question comes then, how can we manage this? Ultimately we have to cope up and can’t just sit around ranting about what’s going on in the system, we need to find loop holes and beat it ourselves. Beating here does not mean striving to become a topper.

[If you’ve recently changed schools or plan to, check out this post-
Coping up after changing schools]

Newer grades are obviously harder than the previous ones because of the introduction of new fields, topics and maybe even subjects, but it is not ‘impossible’, and yet again you can’t keep procrastinating and slack off and expect that you’ll manage.

It does need hard work, proper planning and organization to manage the year, and admittedly, the first few months will be harder than the rest but by time and effort things will become okay for sure, all you need is some work, hope, faith and optimism and things will naturally unfold for you!

Don’t let the teachers scare you, sometimes the teachers guide us in ways that are not always the best and most comforting, but try to twist their message in your mind in a way that suits you best and implement your own best strategy, the purpose should be to meet the favorable (and realistic) target in ‘any way’. The twist of message you perform is formulating that ‘way’ to reach the goals.

Message to teachers: You play an important role in the education and mindset of students, the way they react is largely influenced by you, teaching and making students feel comfortable at school is a hard task and requires a lot of patience but is the best and most important thing that you ‘must‘ do.

Try not to burden the students in such short amounts of time and if such events are unavoidable then guide them on how they can manage and conquer that ‘stress’.

Understanding your students is a vital task and belittling and insulting them for their failures demotivates them and will probably make them perform even worse than what they did before.

Message to students: Obviously you can’t continually live an easy life, stress will come, workload will increase and life will be hard, but don’t give up. Keep trying, keep experimenting newer strategies and keep slaying that school life at your best!

Well teachers will get angry at times, and you can’t avoid it, and it’s not always the teachers fault if you’re not doing good, you need to put your own effort as well and that is important.

Attempt self-motivation, self-therapy and do whatever you can you rise yourself. That little improvement itself can make teachers happy. I’ve seen it happen and I know you guys can do it too!

Think about this, if the 7-year-old you comes to you and sees your heart, mind and soul, will he/she be proud? I’ll leave this one on to you guys to think about. 


[Utilizing study time effectively: ‘How’ to study.]
[Other important factors while studying besides ‘doing’ it: Things to keep in mind]

(You can use the above linked posts as a raw framework in developing your own strategy to win life, do what suits your caliber best, it took me years to establish my ideal strategy so don’t be surprised if it’s not sudden, be patient and keep trying!)

In the unfortunate event that you have not got admission in your own school and lost your seat due to various reason(s),

Try to keep your calm, it’s understandable to feel low, sad and worried if it has happened to you but it’s alright. Life doesn’t end here, there are many more schools out there in which you can try to get admission in. There’s much more to life than this, don’t give up, don’t dishearten yourself here. Keep going! Keep fighting! Keep striving for that win!

You’re worth more, academics is not everything, it is important but not the only thing that is important. Facing such issues will only make you a stronger person and that is what matters.

Don’t lose hope, Things will be hard for now if you’re in such a situation but they will not remain this way, there is much more in store for you!

[Refer to the post linked below to help deal with the new atmosphere if you do happen to change schools.]

Coping up after changing schools

If you know anyone who might be helped upon reading this, do forward this post to them, the sole purpose of the post is to uplift those who are facing difficulties and keep moving on and never give up!

What were your experiences on your first day of school? If your school hasn’t opened yet, do come back here and drop down a small paragraph on how your day went once it started!



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