Value the smaller inner talents

How far do the boundaries of ‘talents’ go? Or actually, do such boundaries to define talent even exist?

Before moving on, let’s pretend that instruments, oration, sports, acting, singing, dancing, photography and any other ‘talent’ that involves physical objects or self-exertion of abilities to give a self-comforting outcome or skill do not exist. Let’s pretend all such talents are no longer there in you.

Besides them, what other talents do you have in mind?
(They should not involve any object or a formally ‘learned’ technique or skill) 

Do you still feel talented? Are you happy about yourself? 


Well the truth is, just because Sharma Ji’s son can play the guitar, piano, violin, and much more, and you being a supposedly-common person who can make others smile and feel better- doesn’t make you any less than him.

Admittedly, the two of you are very different, and maybe only the talents of one you will get formally credited, but in reality, you can’t tell whose talent may engrave an impression on someone’s heart for a lifetime. It could be you, or even Sharma Ji’s son, or even both.

Talents don’t have to come in the form of something with which you can win accolades. Well honestly, having small talents like the ability to make people happy and easily cheer them up is itself a great accolade.

The purpose of this post is not to belittle any talent that is valued greatly in the modern era, but to raise the value of talents that are under-rated in the present world.

There are actually so many talented people out there, you reading this, you too are talented in your own way, it might not be a category in your schools ‘talent contest’ but that doesn’t mean you’re not talented, maybe your talent is too advanced and far too magnificent to be judged and merited for.

You might look at yourself as a common person who is just casually moving on with life fulfilling his/her duties and might not even matter to anyone if he/she disappeared, but no, stop right there, you are blessed and talented. Who knows what wonderful effect that smile you gave to that stranger you saw might have had on them? Or to the teachers and students you saw in school before this weekend? They might be having a bad day but your one little action might have completely turned the tables for them. That’s talent too. 

Your talents might even be hidden in the simplest things like being able to empathize, understand, relate and comfort people around you, and/or those who vent to you. That’s talent too. 

Coming back to the question that was given in bold at the start of the post- “Do you still feel talented? Are you happy about yourself?“. 

You might have had the answer ‘no’ before reading the rest of the content in this post, but now you probably might be able to confidently say ‘yes’ to it.

The main aim was to bring realization to the fact that there are unlimited varieties of talents people may have, and none of them should go unnoticed. They all matter.

Agreeably, on quick thought, realizing such small inner talents might not be easy. Naturally, it might take time for one to do so, but it is not impossible, and moreover it’s worth it.

Just because it’s night and you can’t see the sun, does not mean that the sun does not exist nor that a time won’t come where you will be able to see the sun. 


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