Gearing up for Ramadan


This Ramadan, let us all, irrespective of our religion- correct our beliefs, ideas, perceptions, habits, and mindsets.

Born Muslims, we follow only what we hear, we follow tradition, and we don’t understand the importance of why certain obligations and voluntary actions exist and how they help us.

This Ramadan, we shall look into history, Quran, Hadeeth (sayings of the prophet), science, logic and reasoning on the basic and important obligations and voluntaries. Bring it all into application, understanding and follow it whole heartedly and improve ourselves.

All readers, Let us educate ourselves more on the reasoning and wisdom behind the doctrines of Islam, clear the largest of misconceptions and advocate a peaceful and harmonious living.

Everyone who is fasting- Muslims and exceptional non-Muslims as well, let us walk through this month together in solidarity with a positive mindset in improving ourselves so we exit the month with a completely revolutionized self.

Developing oneself during Ramadan and stepping up ladders:

Whatever goals you might have and whatever opportunities may lie in front of you this Ramadan. Do not attempt to revolutionize yourself overnight or within a short span.

You might take it as a challenge just to oppose this and maybe even succeed for a few days, but that’ll only last for a few days. It’ll just be a ‘high’ feeling of you wanting to do something for the temporary feel-good factor.

Hence, take it gradually, take up small initiatives and convert things into habits and move forward slowly.

Set up a ladder/goal system this Ramadan. If you’ve been doing things you dislike since a long time, been avoiding things you should be doing since a long time. No one expects you to become perfect right when it’s Fajr (the first prayer, when fasting begins).

Set your ladder.

Example: Cut down on ‘wrongs’ and pray all 5 obligatory prayers in the first 5 days. (and carry it on for the rest of your life)
The next 5 days, start praying the voluntary prayers as well. (and carry it on..)
The next 10 days, start praying the midnight voluntary prayers as well (and carry this on at least for the rest of Ramadan and weekends maybe)

And so on.. It all depends on how you are, your goals, and your level of adapting to things.

Importance of consistency of good deeds even after Ramadan:
Consistency of Good Deeds Even After Ramadan

Blogging Pattern For Ramadan:
(All write-ups will remain short/medium in length and easy to read)

Thursdays: Generic non-religious article dealing with self-improvement or anything relevant to situations then, although non-religious by content, it may pertain to situations in Ramadan (example: setting the right schedule for studying while fasting).

Fridays: Articles explaining Islamic doctrines, the wisdom behind them, and why they are important.

Saturdays: Articles clarifying misconceptions and answering questions posed by readers (any question that is far too sensitive will be avoided due to limited knowledge)

Looking for Contributors:

If anyone is interested to write and contribute their content in this blog as well, revert back in personal conversation and it shall be considered. You will write under your own identity. No payments however.

Ramadan Kareem.

May Allah bless us all.



  1. Very well written and something which is so helpfull for us all …. all ur blogs are so inspiring and a great source of authentic and correct information…. keep up the great work

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