Religions Can Not Unite As Long As Sectarian Divisions Fail To Harmonise First

Religions. Controversial topic, controversial purpose, recognized and often even unrecognized. Hundreds and thousands of religions exist, few and tens holding majority, each with their unique concepts, but somewhere and somehow- interconnected and similar.

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People are born, and directly, without their will or say, stamped with the religion of their family, following only what they see, what they’re told, and what they hear.

For generations does the same pattern continue, like a game of Chinese whisper, changing as generations pass. Except for those who go by the books and proofs, they do not go astray.

While diverse numerous religions have their own end goals, their own missions and visions, no religion entitles its form of success to its followers unless they respect, embrace and follow humanitarian and logically socially acceptable values.

An oppressive and dishonest Muslim will not be looked upon in good light even if he prays. A practicing Christian that keeps grudges and spreads gossip will not be looked upon in good light. A knowledgeable and believing Hindu, Muslim or Christian will not be looked upon in good light if he publicly demeans other religions’ followers by virtue of faith.

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“Oh well, we’ve already divided our communities into various religions because we think different, now let’s take these divisions to a further step, shall we?” Thought man.

Because the division of society into new religions on the basis of belief wasn’t enough, why not divide religions further within themselves? So hence, sects. 

While this blog post will not touch upon the source, history, creation and purpose of sects, it sure will throw light upon the spheres of disunity and havoc because of the existence of sects in any religion. 

When the ideas and opinions of the diverse sects in religions come together, things don’t always go well. People get enraged, communities trigger and much more. All this takes place because people in each sect want superiority and dominance of their sect. Much like religion and sects have become a competition of “who holds the largest empire.

And you wonder why the number of Atheists and Agnostics are rising? Hilarious. 

Now here comes the interference of third party groups, when two sects in a religion fight, another religion/sect/community is going to add fuel to the fire, get himself a chair and popcorn, sit down and watch the show, maybe even broadcast it on Live TV and much more. 

Example, the whole conflict in the middle east region itself has hundreds of interpretations, one of them being a conflict between Shia and Sunni clans. While we have no clue about the actual ground situation(s) in the region, the world constantly assumes and blames it to be a factor of Islamic internal disunity.

The same applies to any other religion as well, Hindu majority clans in India cause confusions about Hindu concepts, the clans also often significantly differ in opinion. The Hindu-Muslim disunity in India as well, has  numerous interpretations, one of them being of a Hindu sect that blames the Kshatriyas for victimizing Muslims for their personal gains and setting a false picture.

While the various interpretations may or may not be true, that is not the object of concern. Because at the end of the day, disunity within religions is still publicly reflected, confusions keep increasing and problems intensify.

Interesting how we internally disunited and divided religions and sects want to aim for world unity and speak of world peace.

If we intend to aim for universal brotherhood and unity among all social groups, Do you not think we first need to establish unity among the social group we belong in? Among the religion we follow? Among the sects and religions that surround us?

At the end of the day, whatever God, prophets, principles a religion may believe in, no religion will ask you to isolate yourself from any society by virtue of those beliefs, and every religion has the common principles of humanity, social values, morality and unity.

First unite yourself, I wouldn’t take the messages of world unity seriously if they came from a social group that is themselves disunited and in mess. I wouldn’t want to listen to a person talk to me about world unity who himself follows a sect, identifies with the principles of division and finds it necessary.

Take small steps people, first aim for internal unity among yourselves, then think of the world. 

If you have the time and are interested in knowing the writers inference on possible reasons of formation and division of sects, do check out the video below!

Do leave your experiences and views about divisions of sects and its effects on the world in the comments below as well!




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