Winning Best Delegate Made EASY!

Seeing as the upcoming months in Dubai have a lot of MUNs lined up.. I’ve revamped the MUN Guide (click here to download) I earlier made into something better to help you delegates make the most out of your allotment and opportunity.

Just reading the guide won’t do you wonders, after all, the effort has to be yours. All I can do is give you the seeds, to plant and nurture it- is your job. All the best!

General Delegating Tips


Being well researched about possibly anything that is relevant is the first step to being a responsible delegate, the previous section of this guide gives directions to start from. From research stems off every other essential MUN activity. What good will a speech, position paper, resolution and POI be if it lacks research?

Abidance of Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct

A good delegate is well aware about the rules of procedure and the conferences’ code of conduct and abides by it at all times. It is essential that you are well versed with the rules beforehand, any doubts can be cleared up by emailing your chairs or the secretariat or on the conference days via a point of parliamentary inquiry.


As a delegate you will be required to submit a position paper beforehand, it is your duty as a responsible delegate to submit it on time while following all guidelines given in the position paper section of this guide. Shall any unprecedented contingency prevent you from submitting the paper on time, let the secretariat know beforehand kindly requesting for an extension.


Speaking is the primary essence of a Model UN conference. Push yourself to make speeches and ask questions, raise points and motions, engage. It might be hard to break out of the shackles of fear and anxiety but give it your best shot. Our supportive executive board will be there to assist at any point shall you be scared or feel like anything is preventing you from speaking.

Delegates often avoid speaking if their country lacks direct content on the agenda(s) at hand but even if you get in such a situation, speak, give personal opinions that indirectly relate to your country’s policies, ask logical questions- your country will never prevent you from engaging.

Collaboration and Diplomacy

You can lead your committee to wonders if you focus more on collaboration and diplomacy than power-play and personal attacks. Do so via submitting constructive amendments, good resolutions, effective alliance-making during unmoderated caucuses (lobbying) and making constructive statements.

Effective Caucusing

  1. Provide ideas, debate and discuss the feasibility of everything- narrow down your options to the best possible solutions and defend them.
  2. Negotiate wherever necessary, make compromises in ex change of compromises to come to common grounds and consensus to move the committee forward.
  3. Listen and record ideas. Statements picked up from speeches and unmoderated caucuses can be converted to clauses. Good listening will help you discover your allies and enemies and enable you to ask relevant questions.

Avoid Repetition

When you listen and pick up points, you essentially know what the committee has already heard and hence shouldn’t say the same thing again. It is common to see delegates prepare GSL speeches beforehand and say the exact thing during committee. However, sometimes, making slight changes on spot is necessary especially when over 3-4 delegates have already explained the general scenario, delegates can alter the general scenario explanation out of their GSL speeches if they are not among the first 5 speakers in the list and use that time to further explain their country’s policies or POIs.

Taking and Asking POIs.

Considering the time used for POIs is the time that is remaining from your speaking time after you’re done with the speech, it is advisable that you not use your time up entirely and leave about 15 or more seconds to POIs. Asking constructive POIs such as feasibility of a certain idea, intensity of national problems or clarifications on a nations stance are essential for the committee to keep moving forward. Vague, pointless and undiplomatic POIs must be avoided. POIs must also always be asked in the form of a question, and kept concise and to the point. Remember, it is a question not a speech, do not add unnecessary backstory and history to it.


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