Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui

Undergraduate Student at the American University of Sharjah
Major: International Studies
Intended Minors: History, Economics, and Environmental Policy

I’ve always acted on and resonated with the quote “jack of all trades- master of none, still better than a master of one.” Yet, I’ve relatively greater interest in the social sciences as I experimented different fields through study, research, competitions, and events.

Why did I start The Vigilant Mind?

The name represents people who think for themselves, and do not go with the flow of society for only dead fish go with the flow.

  • I express my opinions on matters of youth relevance like mental health, personal development, social issues, community causes, political issues, certain sociological and psychological concepts, etc.
  • Through my work, I intend to break people out of the chains of stigma in various fields.
  • I wish to inspire, empower, and educate through my content to create other vigilant minds.
  • I use this a platform to express opinions that are often unspoken and may even be controversial.
  • My personal goals always include the fulfilment of the goals of my team and those around me. I write content to aid readers in personal development, self awareness, and [non-toxic] productivity.

History of The Vigilant Mind

I never gave much attention to a world outside my PlayStation prior to 2014. Greater exposure to the Palestinian crisis was a turning point in my life. It was what showed me that AK-47 holding computer bots in games weren’t the only issues I had to fix. My activism and opinions mostly circled around in Google+ and Instagram. Eventually, as I noticed that readers liked the content and a few recommended that I should ‘preserve’ it, The Vigilant Mind came to be in October 2017.

More About My Work

mohammad amaan siddiqui workshop at gems new millennium school dubai mun
Workshop Facilitation
COVID-19 didn’t stop me from leading and conducting training and mentoring sessions
OOWMUN Our Own High School Dubai Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui
Secretary General – Our Own Warqa’a Model United Nations 2019
Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui giving workshop at Crescent English High School Dubai
Gave a workshop to the faculty of Crescent English High School on ‘How to conduct a flip class?’ (2018)
Public Speaking & Model UN
Lead365 Virtual
National Leader of the Year Award Holder 2020

To read more about the National Leader of the Year Award, click here.

Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui workshop at Pace International School
Gave a workshop to hundreds of students about Introductory Model UN at Pace International School
mohammad amaan siddiqui all rounder award our own high school
All-Rounder award in High School (2019-20 & 2017-18)

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