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Podcasts FEATURING Amaan

TheWrittenRevolutions – Role of Nationalism in the 21st Century

I was a panellist for the talk on ‘Role of Nationalism in the 21st’ century of TheWrittenRevolution’s first podcast episode. (You may view it on Apple here or on Spotify here).

In Search of A Happier You
Episode 25 | Organization, EFFECTIVENESS and Efficiency ft. Danielle Goveas, Caron Anthony Jones and Amaan Siddiqui

Student Council 2020-2021 of Dubai Scholars presents a podcast series that will take you through the roller coaster of different emotions that many teenagers experience, how one actually defines ‘success’ & ‘failure’, why is it important to strive forward as a ‘we’, along with many more interesting topics which will certainly entertain and educate listeners.

I featured in their twenty-fifth episode to discuss issues revolving around organisation, time management and event planning. (Click here to listen.)

The Talk
Talking with Amaan – MUN, Blogging and Education.

“The Talk is a podcast that aims at improving your lives.” I am honoured to have been invited as their first guest. We discussed my journey in Model UN, blogging as well as my high school and university choices. (Click here to listen.)

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