Quick judgement is the worst judgement

If you do not have anything good to speak, then do not speak at all. If you are not sure about something, then do not speak either, just say “I don’t know”.

Good day readers,

The author’s heart was deeply hurt after seeing a certain circulation of posts and stories on social media, more of a hoax and misinterpretation by other popular pages- much that of cyber-bullying and group-attack.

Coming to the incident, there is an account by the name of @dogs_right_protection on instagram which posted a series of videos of dogs being abused, the internet took this as an opportunity to start a mass report movement against the account and an upsurge against it arose.

However, what these movements did not touch upon is that the description of the page had a number, which certain people who wanted to confirm the stories report as a number for an animal shelter which the account owner ran. Furthermore, the account’s videos did not portray the admin beating the dogs, rather, random people in Iran doing it for the purpose of attracting attention and followers so he could promote his dog shelter. The sole aim was to create awareness against animal abuse. The admin was nothing but an animal rights supporter.

This just shows how flawed the judgement of modern society has become- mainly teenagers. People just went around without confirming the admin’s intentions or anything of the sort, solely based on the content of the videos in the account, defaming it.

Whereas the poor guy was just trying to help us out, help the animals, and ran an animal shelter.

Moreover, the admin did release a post clarifying the issue and apologizing for his English as he is Iranian, (it is assumed he used google translate or relied on the little English he knew)

Upon that, people bombarded the comments with hate and insults saying he does know English and he is doing nothing but pretence.

This provides for the aptest example about how dangerous quick judgement can be, and how toxic it’s results are. Who knows what the admin must be going through now, already adding up to the conditions in Iran.

I urge you all to please look at both sides of the coin and to confirm the incidents first before you forward anything. Do not blindly, without full knowledge, forward anything that you have not witnessed or done ample research on already.

Do not pursue or believe that of which you have no knowledge, and do not forward information that comes to you before you investigate it yourself.

Only dead fish go with the flow.

This article is seemingly very important, if you find apt, please do forward and spread awareness on the stated issue(s).

Thank you.

Have you ever had or noticed any situation in life where you saw quick judgement as harmful? If yes, do share with us in the comments!



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